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この世界の片隅に In This Corner of the World

In our first issue of Anytime Christoph Noller takes a deeper look into how WWII – espeacially the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – influenced Japanese animation film culture (read online︎︎︎). Two regularry appearing series are first presented: Within "Anyōkai" the graphic novelist and illustrator Vinz Schwarzbauer investigates each movie's Yōkais (in Japan's culture rooted "ghost"-creatures) and illustrates them with ink-drawings. Paolo Svaluto Moreolo's "Shōji – Splendid Props" is a collection of objects that linger in the movie's scenery like indifferent witnesses. Also with contributions by Fabian Leitgeb and Sarah Podbelsek.

p1 “In This Corner of the World” manga panels by Kōno Fumiyo
p4–5 「レモンのはなさくところ」 & «Île-de-France» by Fabian Leitgeb
p6–21 “Little Boy and Fat Man” by Christoph Noller (read online︎︎︎)
p22–23 「障子 Shōji” by Paolo Svaluto Moreolo
p24–29 “Yokai” by Vinz Schwarzbauer
p30–31 “Why we chose this film” by Sarah Podbelsek

Christoph Noller, Paolo Svaluto Moreolo, Fabian Leitgeb, Vinz Schwarzbauer,  Sarah Podbelsek

Event Host: Café-Bar Lazy Life
Riso-Print: Soybot
Graphic Design: Gerhard Jordan, Sarah Podbelsek
Year: 2018
Limited Edition of: 120 (sold out)