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夜は短し歩けよ乙女Night is Short, Walk on Girl

The ”long and wondrous, marvelous night“ of "the girl with the black hair" gave us a lot to talk, think and write about: Laura Egger-Karlegger analyses the romanticized stalking of the male protagonist. Paolo Svaluto Moreolo's "Splendid Props" show us the „dazzling world of adulthood“ and Vinz Schwarzbauer's "Anyōkai" illustrates the Yōkai "Tengu" and the "Daruma Doll". On page 18 Laura shows in her essay, that the filmic time is extended through the perception of the female protagonist. On page 36 she describes "The Friendship Punch". Paolo contributed a detailed graphic analysis "The God of the Old Books Market", in which we can follow how "all books are connected". In his essay, Georg Wolf describes what it means "when fish and frogs fall from the sky" and analyses the "Deus ex Machina" trope. We give a short insight into the story's character and their reappearance in other novels by the same author – “Night is Short, Walk on Girl” is based on a novel with the same title written by Tomihiko Morimi. This issue comes also with a photo contribution by Fabian Leitgeb, an "Extrablatt" — contributed by Anna Paul — and 4 superb cocktail recipes by Miranda Bar Vienna.


p6–9 “See Strategy” by Laura Egger Karlegger
p10–11 “Shōji – Splendid Props” by Paolo Svaluto Moreolo
p12–17 “Anyōkai“ by Vinz Schwarzbauer
p18–19 “Time” by Laura Egger Karlegger
p22–25 “Sea of Used Books” by Paolo Svaluto Moreolo
p26–27 “I’m fond of Cocktails” by Miranda Bar
p28–31 “When Fish and Frogs Fall from the Sky” by Georg Wolf
p32–33 “Parallel Words”by Salon Animation Team
p36–37 “The Friendship-Punch” by Laura Egger Karlegger
p38 “Opinions” collected by Salon Animation Team
p39 “Tremolo” by Fabian Leitgeb
“Extrablatt” by Anna Paul

WITH: Anna Paul, Sarah Podbelsek, Laura Egger-Karlegger, Paolo Svaluto Moreolo, Vinz Schwarzbauer, Mirenda Cocktail-Bar, Georg Wolf, Fabian Leitgeb  (in order of appearance)

Event Host: Japannual, Filmcasino
Riso-Print: Soybot
Graphic Design: Gerhard Jordan
Proofreading: Jana Podbelsek
Year: 2018
Limited Edition of: 150 (sold out)