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ANYTIME ISSUE 5 – Special Edition

高畑 勲 Isao Takahata

Issue number five of Anytime is dedicated to the Japanese director, screenwriter and co-founder of Studio Ghibli — Isao Takahata. Takahata took on different roles within the production of numerous film projects. However for this issue we focused on the projects he directed only.

This special edition of Anytime is divided into two booklets: The first one provides an overview of Takahata’s multilayered and complex work. It contains a filmography and biography as well as an extended exploration of the recurring series Shōji. The second booklet contains all other contributions organised by the films' release dates. 

We’re more than happy to announce that this issue is filled with guest contributions all over the place: Sarah Tolpeit interpretes the movie Grave of the Fireflies. For the second time we welcome Benji Steiner with an illustration highlighting the swing as a symbol for and the female characters of Taiyō no Ōji: Horusu noDaibōken. Lisa Braid's marvelous illustration deals with and rearranges the characters of My Neighbors the Yamadas. The ideas for the contributions by Endi Tupja, Klodiana Millona and Yuan Chun Liu were developed during a workshop we were invited to host by Neverland Cinema during the film festival Other Ways of Watching together (Rotterdam, 2020). Both contributions are dedicated to Takahata’s last film Princess Kaguya. Endi's poetic approach mirrors her personal experience while watching the movie. Cam and Klodiana explore the theoretical figure of the trickster in regards to the character of Kaguya.

Furthermore you will find an utmost personal essay by Ricarda Götz dealing with the the question of guilt in Grave of the Fireflies. Laura Egger-Karlegger's text offers a feminist reading of Princess Kaguya.   Vinz Schwarzbauer introduces some Yōkai inhabiting the movie Pom Poko: Kitsune, Noppera-bō, Shirime and of course Tanuki, the protagonists. A comic by Georg Wolf casts a glance in the dark, but fantastic future of Heidi – Girl of the Alps.

We hope you like it!
Yours truly, Salon Animation

p1 Cover Illustrations by Salon Animation & Friends
p2+13+17 Illustrations by Paolo Svaluto Moreolo
p3 Editorial by Sarah Podbelsek & Laura Egger-Karlegger
p4–7 Filmography by Salon Animation
p8–16 Biography by Christoph Noller
p18–23 Shōji – Splendid Props by Laura Egger-Karlegger, Paolo Svaluto Moreolo
p24–25 by Fabian Leitgeb
p26–31 Grave of the Fireflies and the Question of Guilt by Ricarda Götz
p32–33 by Paolo Svaluto Moreolo
p34–35 by Sarah Tolpeit
p36–37 Why must fireflies die so young? by Ricarda Götz
p38–41 Heidi by Georg Wolf
p42–43 by Benjamin Steiner
p44–48 Romance, Marriage and the Dream of Country Life by Laura Egger-Karlegger
p49–58 Anyōkai by Vinz Schwarzbauer
p59–61 by Lisa Braid
p62–65 The Tale Of and Behind the Princess Kaguya
by Ricarda Götz
p66–67 Carbon Dioxide by Endi Tupja
p68–74 The Emancipation of the Princess Kaguya. A feminist reading by Laura Egger-Karlegger
p75–77 The beauty of it all by Ricarda Götz
p78–83 Tricks of her own!!! by Klodiana Millona

Paolo Svaluto Moreolo
Sarah Podbelsek
Laura Egger-Karlegger
Christoph Noller
Fabian Leitgeb
Ricarda Götz
Sarah Tolpeit
Georg Wolf
Benjamin Steiner
Vinz Schwarzbauer
Lisa Braid
Endi Tupja
Klodiana Millona
(in order of appearance)

Event Host: Other Ways of Watching Together by Neverland Cinema, Rotterdam (2020)
Editorial and organization: Sarah Podbelsek
Layout: 3000PS, Daniela Mehlich
Layout assistant: Lian Hannah Walter
Proofreading: William Perlmutter, Ricarda Götz
Riso-Print: Soybot
Fonts: Pito Slab Regular
Paper:  IQ Color (lavendel), Riso-Ink: Purple
Year: 2022

Limited Edition of: 250 (buy︎︎︎)

This issue of Anytime is funded by “Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport”