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アキラ Akira

“There was everything else and then there was Akira!” Akira is one of the most famous Manga and Anime in the last thirty years: We had to address its cult status! Therefore a collection of quotes enthusiastically describing the cultural impact of Akira is one of the issue’s contributions (by Laura Egger-Karlegger and Sarah Podbelsek). A playlist inspired by Akira – mixed by Alessandro Razzi – is another outstanding contribution. Several essays are dealing with the fact that Akira takes place in a post-apocalyptic world: “Eternity through destruction” by Paolo Svaluto Moreolo analyses the apocalypse on a smaller scale and its importance for the Shinto belief. “A Spectacle Of Corporeal Mutation” by Laura Egger-Karlegger and Georg Wolf deals with the (post-) apocalypse as well as with Body Horror. Christoph Noller’s “Apocalypse Awareness” works with images of mass destruction, which appear throughout contemporary Japanese animation films. Daniela Mehlich analyses the post-apocalypse on an architectural level. With “Anyōkai” by Vinz Schwarzbauer (p9–13)and "Splendid Props" by Paolo Svaluto Moreolo (p14–15) the recurring series are continued. Furthermore, we had some amazing guest contributions by Clara Cebrian, Anna Paul and Roman Buchberger.


p1 “Akira” by Katsuhiro Ōtomo
p4 “Motorbike Drawing” by Clara Cebrian
p6–7 “Eternity Through Destruction” by Paolo Svaluto Moreolo
p8+47 “Akira as Cult” by Sarah Podbelsek
p9–13 “Anyōkai“ by Vinz Schwarzbauer
p14–15 “Shōji – Splendid Props” by Paolo Svaluto Moreolo
p16–21 “A Spectacle of Corporeal Mutation” by Laura Egger-Karlegger and Georg Wolf
p20 Illustration by Georg Wolf
p22–23 “Motorcycle Tributes” by Laura Egger-Karlegger and Sarah Podbelsek
p26–29 “Neo Tōkyō” by Daniela Mehlich
p30–32 “Apocalyptic Awareness” by Christoph Noller
p33 “Universe” by Anna Paul
p34–35 “The Music of Akira” by Alessandro Razzi and Sarah Podbelsek
p36–38 “Drugs to Prevent the Apocalypse” by Paolo Svaluto Moreolo
p39–46 “Work” by Roman Buchberger

WITH: Clara Cebrian, Paolo Svaluto Moreolo, Sarah Podbelsek, Vinz Schwarzbauer, Laura Egger-Karlegger, Georg Wolf, Daniela Mehlich, Christoph Noller, Anna Paul, Alessandro Razzi, Roman Buchberger (in order of appearance)

FILMSTILLS: Akira, Katsuhiro Ōtomo, TMS Entertainment, 1988

EVENT-HOST: Filmcasino
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Sarah Podbelsek
PROOFREADING: Jana Podbelsek
YEAR: 2018