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If you are interested in purchasing one of our ANYTIME issues, please contact us via Mail︎︎︎ or Instagram︎︎︎
If you want to support our work you also can buy us a coffe on buymeacoffee.com︎︎︎ ︎


  • nr6 – Sailor Moon (AVAILABLE)
  • nr5 – Isao Takahata (AVAILABLE)
  • nr4 – Lu Over the Wall (A FEW LEFT)
  • nr3 – Akira (A FEW LEFT)
  • nr2 – Night is Short, Walk on Girl (SOLD)
  • nr1 – In this Corner of the World (SOLD)

How to orderPlease let us know the following things:

  • what & how much issues
  • where we should send the package 
  • how much you can/want to pay for the zine(s) 
  • what shipping method you want (with/without tracking)  

After we receive your money (zine payment + shipping costs), we can prepare and send your package ︎ 

Shipping Costs
The shipping costs will apply depending on where the package is sent. We collected a few shipping cost examples:

  • USA: 10–20 days
    without tracking = 11€
    with tracking = 18,64€
    (customs form)
  • FRANCE: 5–11 days
    without tracking = 6,50€
    with tracking = 10,34€
  • SPAIN: 5–15 days
    without tracking = 6,50€
    with tracking = 10,40€
  • GERMANY: 5–11 days
    without tracking = 6,50€
    with tracking = 10,01€

When ordering several issues at once the shipping costs will stay the same. So, if you would like to take advantage of the opportunity, you can see which editions are still left in our shop overview.
ANYTIME PriceThe zine itself costs between 10–15€.
Our project uses this money to cover printing and other expenses.

Payment Options You can either pay via PayPal:
Or you can send us the money via bank transfer to:
  • NAME: Salon Animation
  • IBAN: FI71 7997 7995 0612 85

If you would like to purchase zines from us, we will send you your very personal reference number so that we can keep track of all orders.